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With multi year presence in network support, computers and telecommunications, Storebyte Corporation has been active in the It Support bussiness since 2003 with consistency in this field, and consequently the satisfaction of thousands of customers from all over the Attica basin, across Greece and also with great cooperations with international companies around EU .

Both the experience and our constantly evolving corporate vision of our company, guarantees the provision of fully integrated services, with a view to the specific treatment of services, products and repairs under it’s supervision.

Storebyte’s trained staff provide specialized services and provide immediate customer service.

Our company has managed to maintain long term partnerships with major Greek and multinational companies, many of which are leaders in their field.


The clients we have in our multi-year presence in the field as we specialize in.

Greek Gooverment, Government amenities and assistance , Ministry of Public Order , Ministry of Defense, Greek Police , Army Units ,  Municipalities and Communities , Non-profit organizations, Associations, Schools, Universities and Educational Organizations, Embassies and Consulates, Politicians – Members of the Parliament – Political Bureaus, Industries,
small industry, Insurance Companies, Shipping Companies, Construction Companies, Architects – Engineers – Surveyors,
Doctors and Medical Offices, Pharmaceutical Companies, Advertising Companies, Travel Agencies, Hotels and Hotel Groups, Accounting offices and may more offices and bussiness of all kinds.


*365/7/24, technical support available only to all our customers with maintenance and service contracts.


Why choose us;

We are a team of passionate engineers, dynamic specialists who work tirelessly to meet your IT needs, to provide you with a productive and seamless operation of your computers and telecommunications.

We promise to meet all your needs. We exist to provide the right solutions, to increase and push profits for our customers.

In a technology dependent world, here we are! Making our customers happy everyday. From simple phones and voicemail systems to the latest integration of cloud IT, network security, computer and servers, IP voice technology, security ip cameras, videoconferencing and collaboration technologies, we’re here to help.



At Storebyte, we eliminate problems and keep your business running, so you don’t lose unforeseen time and money. We manage and integrate the key technology you need for top performance.

Offering an exceptional level of customer service, we provide complete customer satisfaction, quality products, innovative thinking, and a true relationship of trust.

Why Storebyte ;

Because we first seek to understand your needs, we do not provide you with a service that you do not need.

What do you really need?

How can it work better for you?

In short, we do all the IT management for you.

It sounds common, we know it, but we really care about our customers. We use only high quality products, high quality capable machines and combine them with our know how on many different software platforms.

With Storebyte you have your head carefree, allowing for greater productivity and seamless operation of your network. We offer 24x7x365 personalized support to ensure the smooth operation of your IT support equipment nationwide.

Your own IT support department from Storebyte, where we make sure your IT systems and hardware works while you work.

We are an advanced, fast IT support company based in Athens with senior engineers for Windows, Mac, Linux, servers, telecommunications and networks.

We identify the problems to prevent unpleasant consequences. We’re constantly monitoring your network, checking for backups, firewall status, service packs, security updates, preventive network usage support, and best practices about your better bussiness running.

We are close to you to ensure the maximum productivity of your company and their uninterrupted operation.

Contact us to get to know us and suggest the best possible solution for the maximum security of your data, your computers and advanced telecommunications solutions.



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