Desktop and Terminal Support


Our specialized Team actively monitors and keeps your network active, fixing problems quickly and effectively, if and when they arise.


For today’s technology-dependent businesses, managing an office computer system is costly, time-consuming and often ineffective. When you sign up for a support plan from the Storebyte network, we take responsibility to ensure that you do not have to stay out of hardware and software failures.


The support technicians are certified and provide on-demand friendly service.


Depending on the problem, they can remotely diagnose and fix your users’ computers or visit your office to take care of things first hand. Where we respond quickly and professionally, regardless of the time of day or night *.


Regardless of the technical problems you encounter, Storebyte provides a fully staffed team ready to provide:

  • Install, optimize, and upgrade software applications and operating systems
  • Full email support for your users, including spam and phishing protection
  • Scheduled reviews and maintenance of your most important hardware to ensure optimum performance
  • Best practices and functional training for your team and users
  • Repair work at your own risk, including receiving equipment, shipping, replacement parts and returning


 * Our service is provided only to maintenance contract companies or long term affiliates.