Server Support



At the Storebyte network, we understand how important it is to keep your servers running.

Access to your critical accounting and customer databases, work files and emails cannot be considered data.

Businesses shut down and shut down when servers go down. Managing the server can be a difficult and time consuming task even for the most experienced technician.

Storebyte’s highly experienced team of server technicians will manage your server infrastructure to ensure that it is maintained and updated with the latest software, as well as ongoing maintenance and replacement of parts, ensuring maximum running time, reliability, and that data critical to your business is always accessible and secure.


The server support service includes all of the basic server management features:

  • Monitor and review hardware 24/7/365 servers
  • Managing user access and configuring licenses
  • Security policy consulting and training
  • Anti-virus and Enterprise Spyware
  • Spam filtering solutions
  • Reinstall the server or servers if necessary
  • Software upgrades
  • Add or delete Users (Licenses)
  • We serve all software versions (any server edition)



To find out more about how our Network Server Support, and how it can keep your information secure and your business running around the clock, just contact us!



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