Structured Cabling


Design and installation of cables: Fast, flexible and fully controlled

Say yes to the better installation of your cables and not to the design and installation difficulties.
Our high quality service is one reason for you to trust our company. We provide personal information at your door. In addition, with Storebyte technology, you can choose the cabling options that best suit your unique network infrastructure needs.


Full Service

Our focus is you, with no exceptions. With the support and installation specialists available to you at all times, we offer proven and certified facilities, certified and guaranteed for optimum performance.



Why do hundreds of businesses in Greece look to us to install their cable networks?

Confidence. Reliability. Oh yes, and a “not so small” thing called expertise. Decades of that. Everyday, we use this know-how to understand your business challenges and help you make your job as easy as possible for you.


More Choices

Different customers, different infrastructure needs. We understand this and offer you a cutting-edge design, installation and maintenance of a variety of cables that are flexible and customized for your business.