Supporting Companies


Industries & Small Industries

With a secure and proper network infrastructure of our company,a team of skilled technicians is ready to help your business keep evolving and running at highest efficiency.
Get view of the entire global supply chain, support manufacturing strategies,
abide by the ever changing compliance, secure your data, streamline operations, and maintain your business profitability, with a healthy network and a technical team that supports all your business needs.

Health Care

Every second can make a difference, which means your systems and the applications where needed to run an examination, must be always in good working order.Keeping your patients safe and your staff up to date, resulting in your staff’s ability to make the best treatment decisions.
Stay market compliant and follow regulations, transfer information securely, accurately charge and increase efficiency.


With the growing global threat of security breaches and consumer demand for secure services, you can optimize the performance of your IT services with our company,
streamline costs, enhance security by backing up your unique files, and give your business a competitive edge. We have the credentials to prove it.

Legal Services & Law Offices

There are countless tools and software available to keep your law firm running at maximum capacity. We bridge the gap between your network with any productivity, file management, documentation and assembly automation, billing, accounting, case management, cloud services, communication software and many other useful tools.
We offer complete security for your very sensitive files!

Non Profit Organizations

Every non profit organization is unique, but what they all have in common? Is that you have no room for fluctuations in setting your budget priorities and spending.
Donors, sponsors, volunteers and the community you serve are turning to technology for access and heathly service. We ensure that non profit organizations operate without unexpected events.

Real Estate

Real estate is a competitive and complex selling environment that is highly dependent on technology.
In one of the fastest growing industries, no one can afford to risk business with failed technology. Save money and time, move faster, stay compliant and secure, so you can close more deals and offers.

Government – Government amenities and assistance

Demand for public and municipal services continues to grow as budgets shrink. Older systems are struggling to support the growth of users, sites, and devices.
Fragmented systems, file management, security measures, evidence and the Internet make risk, security and compliance management more difficult.
We offer solutions to these challenges and a 24×7 help center. Our ability to monitor remote devices as well as integrated IT security services.

Shipping Companies

Our multiple clients in the shipping market have given us a unique experience, and as a result we respond with complete coverage of their needs. We manage all terminals, servers, installations and services worldwide, whether on headquarters or offshore.
Complete access to any terminal from any device you want. Integrated computer and telecommunication solutions. The telecommunications part of a shipping business is a huge cost. At this point we have suggestions and solutions that can benefit up to 50% of your previous accounts. We support and provide solutions for the different headquarters of a worldwide shipping company and for ships on board all over the world.

Tour Agents & Hotels

The uninterrupted operation of your business is the absolute necessity for you, to be in continuous operation without any unexpected situations. Changing untrained employees can cause damage to terminals and servers. An employee will certainly have an extra cost for your company, whether monetary or in service.
Don’t risk your business, because stopping work, will cause you great damage. We offer the ultimate support for your office and business so you have seamless operation and complete security of your data.
We offer complete and consistent networking of your hotel units so that all your customers can reach anywhere at high speeds. This results in your customers satisfaction.
Internet security is guaranteed to prevent unexpected website visits or improper distribution of speeds. Integrated security and speed solutions.

Companies & Small bussiness

We can cover all software and terminal needs. We can provide appropriate solutions as well as suggestions to make your business work continuously. We cover needs based on your priorities,
with integrated solutions for computer, software, internet and terminal security, Backup Service, Remote and Multiple Desktops with access from different devices, cloud services, IT services, technical support, consulting.
And many more services that will surely meet your demanding as well, as your expectations. Our goal with your partnership Storebyte is to maximize your safety and complete satisfaction of your needs.