Contract Offer



The IT support service is available either on a monthly contract or on a long-term (discountable basis) or based on current work and remuneration.

The contracts apply only to the following sections:


Integrated IT Services (IT Solutions)

Network and terminal support services

Backup services

Security services


Cloud Services


What we provide for contracts and long term contracts

IT support contracts including:

  • Unlimited calls to our call center
  • Unlimited field visits
  • Free web hosting
  • Remote Surface Monitoring 365/7/24
  • Free Repairs (Work and Freeware Software)
  • Same day service, usually within a few hours
  • Preventive testing of machinery
  • Free machinery cleaning
  • Program Upgrades (Work)
  • There is no long term commitment – cancellation notice within 30 days
  • Senior IT specialists and expert advice only for your business





Ask our company to visit your headquarters and make a collaboration proposal.




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